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Technical Analysis is the science and specialty of guaging future value developments in light of an examination of past value developments. It can enable speculators to foresee what is "likely" to happen to costs after some time. Technical analysis utilizes a wide assortment of outlines that show cost after some time. It is pertinent to stocks, indices, commodities, futures or any tradable instrument where the cost is impacted by the powers of free market activity. It tends to be connected to any time period intraday (1-minute, 5-minutes, 10-minutes, 15-minutes, 30-minutes or hourly), day by day, week after week or month to month value information and last a couple of hours or numerous years. ​

We will make you the ace of Technical analysis through Live trading From the first class of the course.

Our Trading course is made with keeping regard for various methods for Trading from world's best exchanging masters, for example, John Murphy, R N Elliot and so forth.


The course starts from zero level so, there is no need to worry at all, nevertheless if you would have basic knowledge of computer (just how to run any software and how to type or click. Isn’t that simple).A strong mind to learn and zeal to work for yourself will give you the best result.

Who can join this Course

The course is open for any education background (we recommend at least 12th pass but not required) and any experience level (working professional, students, house wives, or retired).


Course Overview

  • This part will be an Introduction to the Stock Market where we will understand what is a stock? How stock exchanges Function? How to invest? etc etc. We will understand all basic terms that we need to get the basic to advance knowledge. We will know the ongoing myth and the real fact about the stock market.
  • Introduction to all economic and government events which affect the global market and Indian market such as Inflation, Monetary policy, interest rate, GDP and many more topics will be covered and we will also know where and how to monitor this influences.
  • Introduction to chart analysis and candlestick analysis using advanced price action methods.

  • We will understand the basic of technical analysis.
  • We will understand the Indices, sector and trend analysis.
  • We will understand price discovery mechanism.
  • A brief explanation on how to select stocks for trading.
  • A brief introduction to various websites used for trading.

  • In this section, all important indicators and oscillators will be discussed.
  • You will understand all important reversal and continuation chart patterns.
  • You will understand the best way and timeframe to use indicators and oscillators for making a trading decision on stocks.
  • Supply and Demand trading
  • You will learn price action in depth such as development of candle so that you don’t need to remember any candlestick pattern
  • Mean Reversion and Momentum Strategy.

  • Understanding different methods of stock selection according to trading timeframe such intraday swing and positional
  • Market Proven and back tested Intraday, swing and Positional strategies.
  • Special class for integrating fundamental analysis with technical analysis to take high probability trades.
  • Special class for loss recovery, stop loss, Risk-Reward Ratio and position sizing.
  • Special class for Market Timing, Entry and Exit.
  • Special class for selection of super performer and multi bagger stocks
  • Special class for making money through small caps and mid cap shares.

  • You will learn basics to advance of derivative analysis and trading.
  • Open Interest analysis
  • Discussion of Market risk, margin, the margin of safety etc.
  • Discussion on future price valuation and arbitrage trading.
  • Discussion on Future trading strategies
  • Discussion on Option greeks, hedging methods like delta hedging, beta hedging
  • Discussion on Option Trading strategies- Directional and Non Directional

  • Basics of Commodity market and trading
  • Special back tested Strategy for Trading Crude oil to earn minimum 10 thousand rupees daily.

(The all topics written below will be done with Ms excel calculation)

  • Introduction to risk and portfolio.
  • Variance, covariance, correlation, calculating odds in favour.
  • Asset allocation, optimizing our portfolio.
  • Position sizing criteria eg- Kelly Criteria, Random walk model.
  • Stop Loss model eg-Chandelier exit, donchian channel etc, volatility based stoploss.
  • Sorting stocks on the basis of technicals.
  • Introduction to tools and website to sort stock on the basis of technicals.
  • Making a basic trading portfolio in class and monitoring the performance.
  • Learn to modify trading portfolio time to time.

  • How to generate calls and research reports in all segments of trading
  • Practice, Case studies and end of program doubt sessions.

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