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The course starts from zero level so, there is no need to worry at all, nevertheless if you would have basic knowledge of computer (just how to run any software and how to type or click. Isn’t that simple).A strong mind to learn and zeal to work for yourself will give you the best result.

Who can join this Course

The course is open for any education background (we recommend at least 12th pass but not required) and any experience level (working professional, students, house wives, or retired).


Course Overview

This part will be an Introduction to the Stock Market And Day Trading Basics where we will understand various terminologies related to Intraday trading. We will understand the order types, pre-open market, Nifty’s day trend analysis, day trading psychology, myths, intraday sector analysis etc.


  • We will understand the basic of technical analysis.
  • We will understand the Indices, sector and trend analysis.
  • We will understand price discovery mechanism.
  • A brief explanation on how to select stocks for trading.
  • A brief introduction to various websites used for trading.

  • In this section, all important indicators and oscillators will be discussed.
  • You will understand all important reversal and continuation chart patterns.
  • You will understand the best way and timeframe to use indicators and oscillators for making a trading decision on stocks.
  • Supply and Demand trading
  • You will learn price action in depth such as development of candle so that you don’t need to remember any candlestick pattern
  • Mean Reversion and Momentum Strategy.

  • Understanding different methods of stock selection for intraday.
  • Market Proven and back tested Intraday strategies.

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