Getting started in technical analysis

September 12, 2018

We just bought Tata Power stock at current level- Rs 74
We filtered this stock by using best possible combination of Technical Analysis and fundamental Analysis.
We purposefully hold stock for more than a month. We give importance to price as well as time so we apply technical and fundamental filters.
First we apply fundamental filter for stock selection
Market cap more than 400 cr.
E.P.S (quarterly,1 yearly and 5 yearly) should be more than 20% and
PE ratio under 15.
By applying this filter we can get multiple stocks but after that we need to apply technical filters so that we can buy the stock at reasonable price.
Now we have seen in Tata power it has made a double bottom on daily chart and breached it with good volumes and retested the breakout support today.
We expect it to reach to the level of Rs 80 in near term

Winning Stock Analysis,Technical Analysis report and Fundamental Analysis Winning Formula
Winning Stock Analysis-Technical Analysis report and Fundamental Analysis Winning Formula.

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PS- We took the trade and exit with target price 80.


Disclaimer- We are not giving any recommendation.The above analysis is for Education Purpose only.

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