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Either trading mid-term (for several months) or long term (several years) you should have good understanding of company’s fundamental.

Doing fundamental analysis of company means knowing the business, product and services they offer, Quality of Management, operations and profitability of a company to make a financial decision, like you focus on quality and price (everybody wants a best quality product in cheaper price) before buying a home or anything in your life related to long term using.

So, the same approach applies when buying shares of a company. You want to recognize a stock with undervalued price with great quality management and product (like you do in real life, undervalued=cheaper than expected if compare to their peers.)

Sometimes we also want to buy an expensive product because of their brand value (as they imply the quality). So, same approach applies with stocks, we want to buy sometimes expensive because we know it will increase more.

So, different approaches include different risks as growth stock carries greater risk than value stocks. So, we can mix our portfolio with these different risk-oriented stocks.

The Course content is carefully designed such a way that any non-finance (12th pass students) can take the benefit and we have tried to include the various profitable models from world’s ten most profitable investment gurus such as Benjamin Grahams and warrant buffet etc and all approach has both qualitative and quantitative parts.

Unique lessons

  • Don’t rely on the just financial statement to filter a stock to buy.
    Learn how global macro can ruin your stock even with excellent fundamentals.
  • Don’t rely on micro; it is meaningless if the macro is terrible.
  • Learn how commodity price can impact a stock. You know well that crude oil can have an impact on oil sector company..but what if I say the non-oil company can also have a massive effect of oil prices?.
  • How can gold be a used as the fear indicator?
  • Know about three important organization which gives you glimpse over bad or good macro.
  • Learn to create your all-weather stocks instead of relying on your broker to provide such product..save your commission.
  • Know how a great mutual fund analyst outperforms the market. Don’t rely on an analyst to pay commission. Be your analyst.
  • Learn how to make an excellent portfolio.when to replace stock in the portfolio when to get more profit from Stocks which are already profitable.
  • Learn the real value investing lessons. Remind you Warren Buffet is no more a value investor. What he does now.?
  • How to invest in Growth stocks.
  • How to know a stock can be a multi-bagger.
  • How to know which stock is cyclical to get profit from this nature.
  • Learn the intuitive way to read a financial statement and Director report. Don’t waste your time in reading full stories.
  • Learn how a research analyst manipulate You.
  • Learn financial planning (allocation based on risk).
  • Many more unique lessons.


The course starts from zero level so, there is no need to worry at all, nevertheless if you would have basic knowledge of computer (just how to run any software and how to type or click. Isn’t that simple).A strong mind to learn and zeal to work for yourself will give you the best result.

Who can join this Course

The course is open for any education background (we recommend at least 12th pass but not required) and any experience level (working professional, students, house wives, or retired).


Course Overview

This part will be an Introduction to stock Market where we will understand what is a stock? How to invest? We will understand all basic terms that is a need to get the advance knowledge. We will know the ongoing myth and the real fact about stock market.Introduction to all economic and government events which affect the global market and Indian market such as Inflation , Monetary policy ,interest rate ,GDP and many more topics will be covered and we will also know where and how to monitor these influences.

  • We will understand Business nature and different types of owner of the company like promoter.
  • Raising money for the company through different sources and the analysis of these capital raising methods.
  • Brief explanation of an IPO, FPO etc and IPO buying strategies.

Core Financial Statements

  • Making a Basic P/L statement and comparing different cycle p/L.
  • Making Balance sheet and Income statement from our Basic P/L.
  • Next step is downloading the company’s statement and analyzing their cash flows from our basic understanding.
  • Understanding all different terms of the all financial statements.

  • In this section all important financial ratios like P/E, P/B etc will be discussed
  • We will understand the best way to use ratios and structures for making investment in several types of stocks such as value stocks, growth stocks, super performer stocks, recognizing multi bagger stocks and so on.

  • Understanding Business Primer and time value of money with excel calculation method.
  • NPV, DCF model, Qualitative analysis, CAPM, Different Stock valuation approach etc.

Corporate Actions

  • All type of corporate actions such as dividend payout, Bonus issue, merger and acquisition etc and their impact on stock. Knowing these action impacts on stock can make you huge profit without doing so much.

  • You will learn Industry analysis model approach like PESTL and BCG analysis
  • Discussion of Market risk, sensitivity Analysis, margin of safety etc.

Reading Directors report

  • After going through all sections, we will have enough knowledge to read and understand a director report of a company from quantitative and qualitative parts.

Reading Auditors Report and Quarterly Result Analysis

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