Easy to follow Successful Intraday Trading Strategies

November 24, 2018

DO you get what you want?

There’s always a gap between what you get and what you want?
I learned a few worthful lessons from my life…You might have too.
If you think genuinely, you must have skipped working for your desire in between. You get what you worked for eventually; not what you felt to get.
It’s like you want to go to Delhi from Mumbai. It’s 1423 km if you travel by car. Your car requires at least 57 Ls of petrol. You don’t take the risk just pouring 57 Ls, do you?? You must carry extra fuel with you.
Is not that understood now?
we met many persons who are successful in their business or life.
You heard saying them, Keep your goal higher than your actual goal. But, nobody tells you what this means in the right context.
Take a flip side of this. What if I say keep your work level higher than the benchmark.
Like in the car you fueled it more than it required.
Remember your productivity can never be equal to your specific input if you think straight.
Do you want to understand why??
Do you remember your chapter Energy from class 11?
Energy is conservative and it never losses. Some part of it works to transform from one form to another which is not called lost. I remember solving those questions was very tedious.Life is harder than this.It has all rotaional motion, circular motion, wave, light and everything…hahaha.

What do you need to do for sure shot success in the stock market?

Bear in mind that it’s easy to succeed. What you have do is change your mindset.

Stop being result oriented and start being work oriented. Start thinking the stock market as a business. What you have invested is your hard earned money. Have you made your investment without doing anything? No, of course. It took time to generate your investment then why do you think to double it overnight or in a few days. Stop thinking in plain numbers and start thinking in percentage.

If you have invested 10,000 rupees in the market. You are earning 200 per day. Isn’t that a good return? 200 rupees is not a good drawing but 2% per day, 40-48% per month is a lot you are earning.

I remember the day when I was new in the stock market. Few rich friends were into the stock market, and we used to meet them every evening. I heard them saying they earned 3000 today, 5000 today from the stock market. I emotionally started becoming greedy to enter into the market without any knowledge.

I started trading with a minimum investment of 10,000 rupees. What was in my mind? The figure 2000, 5000 per day. I know many of you might have started like this. You could have blown your account in one day. If you took few days to blown your money, you were lucky to get an opportunity to stop doing that ….ha ha ha.

There is another awesome post about intraday trading tips here.

The final tips

  1. Take 1-2 % risk per trade.
  2. Think in the sample sizes. What do I mean by sample sizes? Count your result after few predefined numbers of the trade like ten trades success,20 trade success. You can also count it monthly.
  3. Stick to a few strategies. Don’t mix many approaches. Working on one good strategy will increase your consistency.
  4. Start learning and don’t stop it.The more you get profitable the more learning you require.
  5. Take a small course on the stock market from any good institute to kick start. It will save your time. In early-stage traders have many confusions. A good mentor is always helpful.

Challenges are part of trading. So, be patient in bad days and take rewards in beautiful days.Make your mind a habit of taking it a part of the business.

Good luck with your trading.


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