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The course is structured to help the student to get into the understanding of basic concepts of trading in stocks, commodities and currency. We are into providing Pro Trading Course in Delhi with enhanced knowledge and side by side hands-on practical implementation. This course gives you exposure to become a trader in various segments of the capital market.

Efficient Learning Process

Pro trading course is for those who are keen to become a professional trader and start their career in the capital market. Our classroom-based studies enable students to have personalized learning. Our potential instructors will give you intensified knowledge that you can put in use right away.

Your Dream our Goal

This course will be an interactive classroom training and help you learn the risk management and reading the highs and lows of the market. We ensure that you become a well-trained professional via our Professional Trading Course in Delhi. We provide training with enriched tools and techniques required to learn the aspects of the financial market.

Technical Analysis is a blend of 30% science and 70 % art. We try to find the psychological zone or area where the price could take a turn in a specific direction.There are multiple ways of doing technical analysis like using indicators and price action.We have seen the people who have been trying to find a magic strategy using technical analysis and multiple trading system just to know the trend which make no sense.Market direction is not 100% predictable, then why to use so complex methods?

There are three successful factors which can make you a professional trader.

1.Using direction bias strategy(Biasing trend and momentum).
2.Selection of stocks(Most Important factor, if you have selected stocks for day or week, 30% work is done)
3. Managing risk or hedging.( Either take a small loss and exit from a losing trade or hedge the position)
Risk management plays 50-60% role in making you a profitable professional trader.
It's a harsh truth which is not being accepted by 90% traders that a trading strategy has only 10-20% role in making you a profitable trader.

A trading strategy accuracy matters ??

of course!!!
High accuracy traders can take small risk reward ratio trading.
Low accuracy traders have to struggle to maintain profits because they have to wait for long time to hit their target. Every beginner traders have a low accuracy, they can also increase the accuracy from this pro trading course.

If you want to be a day trader, you can't be profitable unless your accuracy is high.There is a simple reason, being a low accuracy trader, you will be taking high risk reward trade(There is no problem in taking high risk reward trade) but think about if a selected stock in a day has potential to move only 5 rupees and you have taken a target of 10 rupees. So, there is 90% chance that your target will not hit.There might be sometimes an unexpected pivot of stock direction and return to your buying price and after few hour it will breach your stop loss.

The biggest mistake with traders these days

1.They don't know which stock to select.
2.They don't know the expected movement of their stock for day.
3.Incorrect placement of stop loss.
Educogni has highly experience traders, who are able to make you a profitable trader.Don't loose your chance to take a demo class(Completely free) before enrolling for course.

How different is our Professional Stock Market Trading Course in Delhi?

  • We will make you the ace of Technical analysis & Derivative Analysis through Live trading from the first class of the course.
  • Our Trading course is made with keeping regard for various methods for Trading from world’s best trading masters, for example, John Murphy, R N Elliot and so forth.
  • Time to time live sessions, where our faculty will trade in his account to provide you confidence.
  • Risk management workshop to control the loss.
  • Live scanner training to know the real moment in the market.
  • Finding buying and selling opportunity with the help of live scanner.
  • Interview preparation for students.
  • We have developed easy way to find the market sentiment.
  • One on one help session.
  • Full backup classes available.

Real time updated Stock Selection Scanners given to course participants


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