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Fundamental Analysis Course is helpful for the analysis of the industry by evaluating which segments of the market you have to enter of share and commodity. We are a known institute that provides fundamental analysis course in Delhi with well-experienced faculty who have proven records in the market. The course covers event analysis, data analysis and news analysis so that you can understand the changes in the market.

What you can Learn?

You can learn to find the best stocks and analyze stocks' income and cash flow statements. This course will give you the extreme knowledge of when and what to buy so that you can get success in this field as a working professional. You can get a thorough understanding of the value ratios to spot the stocks that are more likely to rise.

Additional Benefits 

You can get your practical exercises and access to on-demand videos that will give you the flexibility to watch it in your free time. We are a renowned institute for Fundamental Analysis in Delhi that helps you make your dreams come true.

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Either trading mid-term (for several months) or long term (several years) you should have good understanding of company’s fundamental.

Doing fundamental analysis of company means knowing the business, product and services they offer, Quality of Management, operations and profitability of a company to make a financial decision, like you focus on quality and price (everybody wants a best quality product in cheaper price) before buying a home or anything in your life related to long term using.

So, the same approach applies when buying shares of a company. You want to recognize a stock with undervalued price with great quality management and product (like you do in real life, undervalued=cheaper than expected if compare to their peers.)

Sometimes we also want to buy an expensive product because of their brand value (as they imply the quality). So, same approach applies with stocks, we want to buy sometimes expensive because we know it will increase more.

So, different approaches include different risks as growth stock carries greater risk than value stocks. So, we can mix our portfolio with these different risk-oriented stocks.

The Course content is carefully designed such a way that any non-finance (12th pass students) can take the benefit and we have tried to include the various profitable models from world’s ten most profitable investment gurus such as Benjamin Grahams and warrant buffet etc and all approach has both qualitative and quantitative parts.

Sample Portfolio Building

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